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How to Choose an Interior Design Company

Selecting an interior design company is the most important decision you will make when creating your perfect home design. Your home interior designer is responsible for crafting a living space that reflects your chosen aesthetic, and delivering the project on time and on budget.

Start by looking for an interior design company with a great reputation that is close to your area. Some Interior Design Companies will have serveral locations. For example, Jorge Castillo has a Interior Design Company in Miami, Florida and an Interior Design Company in Cleveland.

Once you’ve found a potential interior design company, check their customer reviews to look for satisfied clients whose expectations of home interior designers were surpassed. Then browse their interior design portfolio to look for stunning home design, remembering that a great home interior designer can incorporate your wants and needs into their final design, no matter what their style is. And lastly, you’ll want to speak directly with the home interior design company to get a feel for the designer and of course discuss time frame and budget.

If you need an Interior Design Company in Miami, Florida or an Interior Design Company in Cleveland, Jorge Castillo Design, Inc. may be the perfect fit. We look forward to answering your questions to see if we are the interior design company you are looking for.